Scent and the CityErimtan Archaeology and Arts Museum

ANAMED's 2016 exhibition "Scent and the City" opened in Ankara with the collaboration of Koç University’s Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM) and the Erimtan Archaeology and Art Museum. The “Scent and the City" exhibition invites visitors to use their noses to discover the worlds of the civilizations that once lived in Anatolia. More than 50 scents will be exhibited until March 31st, at the Erimtan Archaeology and Art Museum, including historically significant scents such as saffron, frankincense, and agarwood, and modern-day scents such as cologne, linden trees, and burning coal.

The exhibition is curated by Dr. Lauren Nicole Davis, teaching assistant at the Department of Archaeology and History of Art at Koç University. The exhibition is designed by Cem Kozar and Işıl Ünal from PATTU Architecture. The scents of the exhibition were prepared by MG Gülçiçek International Fragrance Company. The exhibition draws from literature, rituals, traditions, and the economy to focus on scents that were prominent in Anatolia.

Erimtan Achaeology and Arts Museum

6 January - 31 March 2018

Address: Kale Mahallesi Gözcü sokak No:10 06240, Altındağ Ankara

Visiting Hours: 10:00 - 17:00

The Museum is open every day except Mondays.

Curator: Lauren Nicole Davis

Faculty Advisor: Lucienne Thys-Şenocak

VEKAM Project Coordination: Arzu Beril Kırcı, Mehtap Türkyılmaz

ANAMED Project Coordination: Şeyda Çetin

Project Team: Buket Coşkuner, Ebru Esra Satıcı

Exhibition Design: Cem Kozar, Işıl Ünal, PATTU

Team: Onat Müftüoğlu

Content Consultants:  Vedat Ozan, Aybala Yentürk, Nejat Yentürk

Exhibition Production:  Bilsa Bilgisayar ve Teknik Cihazlar, Güven Mobilya, Fuar Led, Zafer Cam, Sergi-kur, Barek

Translation: Yiğit Adam Video Translation: Serra Tanman