Doktora Adayı Bursiyerler

Eren, Güzin - Boston University

The Lydian State as Seen Through the Dynamics of Monumentality

Liew, Han Hsien - Harvard University

The Caliphate in the Religious Works of Abū Ḥafṣ ʿUmar al-Suhrawardī

Lin, Wei-sheng - University of Birmingham

Dynamics in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-century Cilician Economy

Marić, Ivan - University of Edinburgh

Imperial Ideology after Iconoclasm: Negotiating the Limits of Imperial Power in Byzantium, 843-913

Morita, Madoka - University of Tokyo

Between 'Community Peace' and Public Order: Neighborhoods and Urban Administration in Istanbul (1730-54)

Okan, Orçun - Columbia University

Coping with Transitions: The Connected Construction of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq (1918-1928)

Paracelsus Goes East: Ottoman Medicine in the Early Modern Period


Doktora Sonrası Bursiyerler

Alarashi, Hala - CNRS

Cultural Interactions and Construction of Identities: Techno-functional Analysis of Neolithic and Chalcolithic Personal Ornaments from Anatolia

Autret, Caroline - University Paris-Sorbonne and University of Cyprus

Vine, Wine and Amphorae in Roman Cilicia: Production and Diffusion from the 1st c. B.C. to the 4th c. A.D.

Charriere, Etienne - University of Michigan

The Trans-communal Emergence of the Novel in the Late Ottoman

Roman Urban Manufacturing and Trade in Asia Minor: A Comparative Spatial Analysis Evaluating Models of ‘Industrial Quarters’ and ‘Neighborhood Stores’

Strupler, Néhémie - University of Strasbourg, University of Münster, French Institute of Anatolian Studies

The Visualization of Diachronic Human-environment Interactions: A Model for the Milesian Peninsula

Votruba, Gregory - University of Oxford

Early Medieval Iron Anchor Design of the Anatolian Peninsula into the Age of Exploration


Kıdemli Bursiyerler

Fales, Frederick Mario - University of Udine

The Economic Relations of the Neo-Assyrian Empire with Southern Anatolia (9th - 7th centuries B.C.)

Hamadeh, Shirine - Rice University

Istanbul, City of Bachelors: An Urban History From Below

Harpster, Matthew - University of Birmingham

Ancient Maritime Dynamics (AMD): Cities, Sites, and Seas

Kaçar, Turhan - Istanbul Medeniyet Üniversitesi

The Making of the Constantinopolitan Patriarchate in Late Antiquity

Marinov, Tchavdar - Ecole française d'Athènes  

Negotiating Heritage, Reclaiming History: Transnational Politics of Heritage and the Ottoman-Era “Bulgarian Monuments” in Turkey

Mountjoy, Penelope - British School at Athens

The Aegean-Style IIIc Pottery From Bademgediği Tepe

Yıldız, Sara Nur - University of St.Andrews

The Seljuk Empire of Anatolia


GABAM-ANAMED Bursiyerleri

Çelik, Siren - University of Birmingham

A Historical Biography of Manuel II Palaiologos (1350-425)

Shliakhtin, Roman - Central European University

The Byzantines and the Seljuk Turks in the Contested Landscape of Late Byzantine Bithynia: Case Study on the Sakarya-Sangarius Valley